Remission Songs. They're All About Hope

Note de lecture par LE MOIGNE Jean-Louis

Notre ami Jean-Pierre van Gigch publie en X-Libris (qu'il est aisé de consulter via le site internet de l'éditeur), de nouvelles pages de son journal de voyage au cœur de la maladie. Je crois que la meilleure façon de le présenter est de reprendre le message par lequel il l'a annoncé à ses amis. JLM.

"It is a truthful account of my tribulations with cancer. I have not made this book bleak or sad. On the contrary, I think that my thoughts reveal a certain optimism and realism which is needed to cope with this disease. All my friends, including you, have had something to do with the writing and publication of this book. It is written in free verse and is very easy to read. The release of this book, coincides with the happy occasion of my "new" remission. Of course, I have been there before, to relapse again. However, for the moment we are on the upswing. I feel great! And I am trying to enjoy life to the fullest. I hope you are doing the same. "

Occasion de rappeler les premières pages de ce journal, que nous avions évoqué il y a deux ans : "From Cancerland to LaLaLand, Spring of My Bettersweet Rebirth", chez, 1999, ISBN 1 58112 786 3, 177 pages.